After thousands of requests for online education, I am so excited to announce that I have launched a Mastermind group for people who want to grow and learn with me! If you are a stylist, salon owner, educator or entrepreneur and you can't afford traditional coaching and classes - YOU NEED THIS MASTERMIND!

Packed with value, this closed Facebook group will take members through a monthly journey focusing on key areas of business! Ideal members are willing to share what's working and not working for them so we can share and grow as a group.

What's Included Every Month:
Each month we will have a focus to keep the group engaged (see curriculum below)

  • Monthly Challenge to keep the group accountable and give you a day by day goal for improvement
  • 1 Mini Class (10-15 minutes) on the topic with actionable steps for you to execute
  • 1 Monthly Technique Video w/ Voice Over Instruction (hair color, hair cutting, hair extensions)
  • Weekly LIVE Q+A with Gina (The_Hair_Doctor) that will always be saved and accessable
  • 10% off all coaching, classes and apparel using your special code
  • Unlimited group support with people just like you!
  • Monthly book club with discussion

All for the LOW price of $20 per month!

Once you subscribe, you will get an e-mail with a downloadable document on how to join our group. I can't wait to see you in Mastermind! Let's grow together!
Monthly Focuses: New Guest Acquisition, Instagram Power, Consultation, Ultimate Pricing, Captioning, Referral Program, Guest Specials That Work, Systems For Success, Streamlining Your Business, Time Standards=Pricing, Facebook Power, Pinterest Power, Guest Experience, Elevated Guest Experience, BUSY Season, Game-Planning

If you subscribe after the 1st of the month you will not be billed or added into the group until the 1st of the following month


How do I sign up?

Where is my membership?
All memberships and payments go through your Paywhirl account! If you don’t have a Paywhirl account, you do not have a membership! By signing up for mastermind you must make a Paywhirl account - the subscription is $20 a month!

How to see if I subscribed?
Log into your Paywhirl account, click subscriptions and you should see Mastermind. If you have 0 subscriptions visit and click BUY NOW and follow all instructions through to the end until you look at your subscriptions and see Mastermind!Make sure you follow instructions and check your subscriptions to ensure you’re subscribed. You will receive a welcome e-mail if you are subscribed. The group is now a secret private group and you can ONLY access it through the e-mail.

When am I billed?
All payments are processed on the first of the month paying for the month ahead! Enrollment begins 10 days before the end of the month, giving everyone with subscriptions time to enter the group! If you have subscribed for next month, you will be added into the group for the next month!

What if I miss my payment or it gets declined?
If you payment does not go through you will be removed from the group on the 2nd of the month. We do not have time to chase money as it takes valuable time away from contributing to Mastermind!

How do I unsubscribe?
You can unsubscribe anytime from your subscriptions tab in Paywhirl! To unsubscribe go to your Paywhirl Account>Customer Portal>Subscriptions> Click the bullet to the left of your subscription and click cancel subscription or use Paywhirls FAQ to cancel. If you plan on cancelling, cancel in the middle of the month to avoid being charged on the 1st!

Can I choose my date to pay?
We do not allow you to manually pay invoices because we need all the payments to process on the 1st of the month in order to keep the group maintainable, ALWAYS make sure to have a valid card on file - if you miss payment you will be removed and can join again next month!

How can I join the group?
Our group is on Facebook! You can request to join the group after you have subscribed and within the enrollment period. Enrollment starts ten days before and you’ll be added in after your payment clears! Be sure to answer the question “what is the exact name your subscription is under” or you will be automatically declined. Everyone who tries to join the group before enrollment will be declined until all payments clear then we will add everyone in! It’s too complicated to cross reference adding people every day, so we will do it on the first of the month in order to devote all of our precious time to those in mastermind!